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Sylhet-Akhaura Route Has 13 Rail Bridges With ‘Dead Stops’

At any rate 13 rail spans with 'Dead Stop' signs are being utilized on 179-kilometer Sylhet-Akhaura course, leaving a large number of travelers helpless against mishaps. A 'Dead Stop' sign at rail connect educates train to stop first prior to intersection it and afterward run at just a five-kilometer every hour. Sources at Railway East Zone said six trains – Parabat, Jayantika, Paharika, Udayan, Upaban and Kalni – convey 12,000 to 15,000 travelers consistently over these risk spots. Eight of these 'Dead Stops' are in a 18-km stretch from Sylhet to Mogla Bazar and five out of 164-km territory from Mogla Bazar to Akhaura Bridge. As per Railway Engineering's Sylhet branch, the 13 scaffolds with 'Dead Stop' signs are – Samshernagar-Tilagon segment's extension No 200, Mogla Bazar-Maijgaon area's extension No 43, 45 and 47, Kulaura-Baramchal segment's extension No 5 and 7, Satgaon-Sreemangal segment's extension No 141, Sreemangal-Va