Students Of Various Colleges In Sylhet Stage Demo For Reopening Educational Institutions

Understudies of different schools in Sylhet today organized exhibits in the city for around an hour requesting resuming of instructive organizations. 

Understudies from MC College, Sylhet Govt College, Madan Mohon College Sylhet and a few different schools under National University, exhibited in the city under the standard of General Students, Sylhet. 

A few hundred of them assembled before Sylhet Central Shaheed Minar at Chowhatta point and shaped a human chain toward the beginning of the day to squeeze home their interest. 

After the human chain and a parade, they hindered the street, causing extreme gridlock in the city around early afternoon, our nearby reporter reports. 

During their exhibition, fomented understudies remarked that each friendly, political, and brandishing exercises are occurring all over the country yet instructive foundations are as yet shut.


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